Once you decide to build you need to decide on the project delivery method. We offer the following services:


We partner with a highly respected and well known architect to work with our client from early conceptual design to specifications and through to construction and completion of project. We believe that this type of delivery service is advantageous given that the designer and builder are of the same team and the lines of communication are always clear, concise and understood.

New Residential Construction/New Commercial Construction

A client provides us with architectural drawings from an architect of their own choice. An initial site meeting is arranged to discuss the project and to view all the relevant documents pertaining to the project. Once all the documents are provided a detailed tender is prepared for clients.

Renovations and Additions

We have also undertaken extensive projects that require renovating original residences, upgrading or extending beyond the original structure. This includes experience with period homes right through to ultra modern.


Pre-construction Services/Consultancy

Before purchasing an existing site, it is vital to have a complete understanding of the complexity of work involved to restore or renovate the dwelling. We provide a detailed estimated report
on the construction cost involved.